Friday August 25, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth

August 22, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are some articles for your consideration.


Jim Hollingsworth

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. (Matthew 1:23)

  1. Constitutional Sheriffs Organize
  1. Judge Napolitano to Newsmax: Public Has ‘Right’ to See Trump Georgia Trial |
  1. Court Case on Homosexual Marriage (Obergefell) still active
  1. Biden: The Vacation President
  1. Don’t Drink and Drive Watch what a fast passenger train does to a small car.
  1. Gem State Patriot News – Knowledge is Power as Silence is Consent Lots of good solid information: Get on their mailing list.
  1. Weaponized Justice System Protects Democrats
  1. Georgia Charges Against Trump and 18, could be moved to Federal Court, or dropped.
  1. Adam Schiff let Cat out of the Bag: Get Trump!
  1. Ron DeSantis has a clear Stand on Abortion
  1. Justice Department Has Cozy Relationship with Defendant Hunter Biden
  1. Top FBI Official Gives Damning Evidence Against Biden Family Much testimony has been given against the Bidens, but it appears unlikely that anything will ever be done about it.  It is like the fox guarding the henhouse.  
  1. Some Republican Leaders Support Trump
  1. Pilot Dies in Flight: Flight Diverted.
  1. Trump Won’t Debate: Interview with Tucker Carlson Instead That Trump has a sizable lead in the polls can be concerning.  People have a tendency to follow such a leader without question.  So, we need to stay focused, and keep our eyes open.  We support Trump simply because he supports us.  If he stops standing for truth and common sense, then we need to be prepared.  Right now we need to pray for his safety and survival as the left is determined to destroy him.
  1. First California Tropical Storm in 84 years Creates Very Dangerous Flooding
  1. Biden Uses Pseudonyms to Hide Crimes
  1. Ramaswamy Supports Trump in Fox Interview
  1. Reporter Quits over Anti-Christian Editorial Policy
  1. Smoking Gun Reveals Trump is Right
  1. Fox: Laura Ingraham: Arresting Donald Trump Will Backfire on Joe Biden
  1. RFK Jr. Interviewed by Tucker Carlson: War in Ukraine: Death of JFK
  1. If Trump is Convicted He will Win From Prison; Take the Oath of Office, then Pardon Himself: Walk Out a Free Man? There is a lot in play here.  Mainly it is a very expensive distraction, hindering Trump from campaigning.
  1. Gale Pooley: American Thought Leaders: Super Abundance Gale, who used to work on education issues in Idaho, has written a new book on abundance.
  1. Matt Gaetz: Trump Could Testify: Whistleblower: Given Immunity This principle has never been tested, but it is pretty creative.  If he is given immunity, then they could not proceed with the charges from other prosecutors; that is the thought.  Worth considering.  Will they do it? It would take some courage to do this, so it probably will not happen.
  1. Great Climate Scientists Say EPA Climate Regulations Based on a Hoax These two men are top of the line climate scientists.  Unfortunately, the people who count are not listening to them.  Happer worked for Trump for a year as a science advisor; he had great ideas, but was never able to pull them off.
  1. SOS fines North Idaho Republicans | Coeur d’Alene Press ( They want you to think they are the official Republicans.

Here are the official Republicans, elected by the voters of our county.

The North Idaho Republicans were fined.  Don’t be fooled. 

“The Idaho Secretary of State’s office investigated the complaints, and on Friday fined the North Idaho Republicans for not registering as a political action committee before engaging in political activities, including purchasing an ad in the Coeur d’Alene Press Voters Guide.’

Remember that the North Idaho Republicans would have you believe that they are the real Republican Party in North Idaho.  The real Republicans are those officials who are elected by the voters of Kootenai County and are members of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee.  This is an official position.  If you want to know who is your precinct committeeman here is the link.

Precinct Committeemen — Kootenai County GOP (

If you do not know what precinct you are in, fill in the box on the vote locator and it will give you all that information; Even a picture of your voting place.

Polling Place Look-Up | Kootenai County, ID (

  1. Ford CEO Has Disappointing Road Trip with EV Truck
  1. Man Abandons $115,000 EV on Road Trip to Chicago
  1. New Abortion Clinic Stopped by Pro-life Workers
  1. Get Trump: Biden Administration Subverts Constiitution
  1. Safer in Iraq than in Democrat Run Cities
  1. Londoners take down surveillance cameras  While I hate to share this because of the language, but you have to see how these people feel about all these cameras.
  1. Letter to the Editor

Justice Jim Jones has been in Idaho politics most of his life.  He should understand the political process.  Yet, he is totally in the dark. 

He cannot understand that the primary election is where the party chooses those who will represent them in the general election.  If there were an open primary, as he requests, then there would be no point in having a primary; everyone could just run in the general November election.

He talks about electing “pragmatic” Republicans, whatever that may be.  He supports a legislator who has a very poor voting record, no matter how you figure it, and calls Dan Forman, a disgrace, while Mr. Forman appears to be a model legislator.

He says that the Legislature is extremist-controlled and wants the voters to vote for open primaries.  This, in fact, is an insane proposal.

The members of the Legislature are elected by you the voters.  So are the precinct committeemen, he seems to have little use for.  He fails to recognize that those officials who have the best voting records are those who support the Idaho Republican Party Platform.

Time for Someone to wake up Justice Jones.

Jim Hollingsworth