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Jim Hollingsworth

September 19, 2023


Several years ago my father, my brother and I were camped along a small stream in the middle of Utah, near to the town of Moab.  Not far from us another family was camped.  The family was a mother, a father and a pre-teen boy.

One evening about dusk the boy must have done something dreadful and all of a sudden the mother broke out in a tirade of swearing the likes of which I had never heard from a woman before (and have not heard since).  I wondered at the time how this boy was going to grow up having a healthy respect for his parents when they treated him so badly.

Most people truly love their kids.  Mothers, especially, like a panther “you touch my cub and I will claw your eyes out”.  Most are very protective of their children.

And yet, for some reason I am unable to explain, parents continue to place their children in circumstances that are tailor made to turn them against what is good and wholesome.

There are many public-school teachers who love America and American traditions and who fight for the good that is in America.  However, most colleges, and especially most teacher’s colleges are staffed by professors who are often Marxist in viewpoint.  It was even that way when I attended college many years ago.

Because of that, many teachers graduate with a Marxist, socialist idea that the government is the answer to every problem, and they pass that viewpoint along to the children they teach.  They may not even be aware they are doing so.

Parents who truly love their kids leave them in these government schools year after year and then are puzzled when at graduation those wonderful kids turn against them.  It is the tragedy of our present age, and is pretty general throughout the country.  This philosophy is aided by the Marxist teacher’s unions and the textbook publishers.

Some parents have seen the problem, but appear helpless to do anything about it.  They know they ought to remove their kids from these schools but are helpless to do so.  It is simple: In order to make ends meet both mother and father have to work just to balance the home budget.  Neither of them can quit to home-teach their own children.

The question, then, comes down to this: What is more important to you?  Is it your job, your fancy home, your new furniture, and wonderful car, or is it your children?  Parents who understand the nature of the present battle, and who truly love their kids have moved into an older home, drive an older car, own used furniture and spend their days loving and teaching their kids.  It is interesting how all their important arguments fade away after just a few months of teaching their own children.  They are amazed at how much quieter and kinder their kids are and how rewarding it is to teach them.

For years I have followed the writings of others, and especially articles about the attacks on our children.  I have seen very little about how children are groomed, and then molested.  This can cause harm that will affect them for a life time.

When I was 19, I dated a girl who was a very wonderful girl.  We went to a movie, and in the process of time I learned that she was only 15.  I was   terrified.  I said something to her father about it.  I am sure they had confidence in me, but I felt that confidence was misplaced, as anyone can be tempted.

The data indicates that children are rarely molested by strangers.  Often it is a parent, a brother or sister, aunt or uncle, or someone close to the family.  I have known of men in a church who groomed children; the parents had confidence in the man and let their children spend time with him.

The only way to really protect your children is to insure they are never alone with another person.  No one is beyond the possibility of being tempted to molest a child.  Children who are a little rebellious are the most likely to fall and sometimes parents will let their kids spend time with an older person who they think can become a friend of the child and help him.  That can happen, but it is not always the case.  It is impossible to know what will happen as child molesters come in all kinds of packages.

This is why the Boy Scouts has gotten into so much trouble.  Boys are paired with other boys in the buddy system and they sleep together in a tent.  If one of them happens to be a predator you can easily see what can happen.

Frankly there is no way to know what could happen.  Having your children involved with others can pay real benefits.  However, activities must be chosen carefully.  Church groups with a trustworthy adult and the children sleeping in larger groups helps preserve the integrity.

Ultimately parents must pay careful attention to what is happening with their children to protect them from evil.  Thus, it is important to keep the channels of communication open with your children so they can always feel free to express their hopes and even their problems.  Children with problems are easily groomed for trouble.

Be watchful, teach your children the Bible, as well as how predators work.  Young girls, especially, need to know how easily a man is stirred up.  Boys also.

This problem is especially important when considering transgender issues.  One book just out by a woman psychiatrist makes this claim:

My wish is for your child to reject the falsehoods from the get-go.  If he or she is already on a “gender journey,” the goal is therapy that will facilitate him or her to love themselves as they are, without harming their bodies.  I want to preserve your child’s health, sexual pleasure, and fertility.  No child is born in the wrong body, their bodies are just fine; it’s their emotional life that needs attention and healing.  In this book you’ll find the ammunition to protect your children while raising them in Trans Nation: information, parenting strategies, and hope. (P. xxxi)

You really need to read the whole book.  There are many startling things revealed about how puberty blockers and other trans solutions are destroying the health and futures of these young people.  You can obtain a copy of the book Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness here.

Today children who appear trans inclined are given puberty blockers, which halts their physical development at that point.  Young boys will grow into adults with childhood organs.  Same with girls. 

Sex is determined at conception and we ought not overlook that fact. 

Our children are precious. Unfortunately, many counsellors, including school counsellors, want parents to understand their only choices are a trans child or a dead child.  The best choice, however, is gently showing the child how God has given him a wonderful body and he just needs to learn to accept that.

Jim Hollingsworth is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College with a master’s degree in Biblical studies.  He has written several books:

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