Friday September 29, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth

September 29, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are a few articles for your consideration.


Jim Hollingsworth

And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come  unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father. (John 6:65)

Constitution:  Article I, Section 2, Paragraph 4 When vacancies happen in Representation from any State, the Executive Authority thereof shall issue Writs of Election to fill such Vacancies.

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  1. Pro-life workers headed to prison This has to be a great tragedy, and a travesty of justice.
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  1. Victor David Hanson 8:48 minutes
  1. Biden blocks oil drilling on 10M acres in Alaska, including leases Trump sold – POLITICO This is a little hard to understand.  Look at the picture of the Alaska plain.  This is where drilling would take place, and no one lives there.  Cutting off drilling at a time when we need the oil is just Biden madness.
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  1. Letter sent to Congress

            Dear Legislator,

            Please do not be afraid to hold the line on spending.  Cut the budget to less than it was last year.  Don’t be afraid of a shutdown and we will stand with you.


            Jim Hollingsworth

  1. The Story of “The Blind”

            Long before Phil Robertson became a reality TV star, he fell in love with Miss       Kay and started a family, but his demons threatened to tear their lives apart. Set      in the backwoods swamps of 1960s Louisiana, “The Blind” shares never-before-          revealed moments in Phil’s life as he seeks to conquer the shame of his past, ultimately finding redemption in an unlikely place. This stunning cinematic      journey chronicles the love story that launched a dynasty, the turmoil that nearly     brought it crashing down, and the hope that rose from the ashes to create a             foundation for generations to come.

            Watch the Trailer

  1. Hi friends,
    After knowing and working with Brent Regan (on Burt Rutan’s SkiGull airplane) beginning almost a decade and a half ago, I really did not know much about him or his resources until today’s “Opinion: Fact Check” article in the Coeur d’Alene Press.

            That’s because Brent didn’t talk about himself. Rather he immersed himself in the             project at hand and proved to me that he was an out-of-the-box innovator, capable of exquisite design work carried out in record time that worked.

            If you haven’t seen his article yet, look below.

            Mike Satren

            OPINION: Fact check Coeur d’Alene Press

            “The mission of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) is to enhance freedom and prosperity by promoting fiscally and socially        conservative candidates who will implement the Idaho Republican Party Platform            as policy.”

            — KCRCC Mission Statement My job as chairman of the KCRCC is to run the       meetings toward the objective of our mission; maintain decorum, and ensure the        minority has its say while the majority has its way. Those that claim I am a “would          be dictator” or fascist, racist, monarchist, etc., are either epically ignorant or deliberately mendacious. The fact that the KCRCC functions so well with a high           degree of cooperation proves this.

            Republicans, especially conservative Republicans, have an adverse reaction to    being told what to do or how to think. The only management style that works well        with them is to be a facilitator, not a dictator. I help members of the committee do those things they want to do because people tend to be good at the things they            like doing. By working together we can tap the consensus intelligence of the         members.

            While one member may be the smartest person on the committee, nobody is         smarter than the entire committee.

            We have empirically demonstrated that the “wisdom of the crowd” is real.

            As for the “crowd,” each member of the KCRCC hails from a different precinct       making the committee the most diverse and representative political organization            in the county. Other groups like DART, NIR, Chamber of Commerce, and the         Realtor Association have memberships that are self-selecting. They do not          require that each member is from a separate area or precinct within the county.

            Progressives are often mystified when Republicans work together. In their experience, cohesion only happens when directed from authority so when they   see others working together their only conclusion is there must be a dictator with     an iron fist whipping the members into conformance.

            Psychologists call this phenomena “projection,” where the subject projects their    life experience onto others. It is not in their experience to build consensus from           the bottom up.

            You can’t expect a fish to understand fire.

            This also explains why Biden supporters accuse Trump of the crimes Biden           appears to have committed.

            Similarly one would not expect unsuccessful people to understand how       successful people operate. If they did, they would be successful too.

            Criticism of successful people invariably comes from people who are less   successful.

            Psychologists call this the Dunning-Kruger Effect; where low proficiency      individuals have an inflated sense of self-confidence.

            They don’t know enough to know they’re incompetent.

            When these two effects combine, Dunning-Kruger and Projection, you get some   interesting, even laughable criticisms. A local Biden supporter and political gadfly          characterized me as a silver spoon trustfunder carpetbagger white supremacist.        Wow.

            Anything else?

                Brent Regan

            Common Sense

            Well, it is true that I was born into great wealth and opportunity.

                I’ll explain. When my parents met they were Canadian Nationals of Italian              descent. At that time, Italians were considered in the bottom ethnic class,         definitely not supreme. In the late ‘30s, my grandfather was struggling to provide            for the family so he had my father drop out of high school, change his name from               Zamboni to Regan and go to work in the family blacksmith and machine          business. By operating under the name “Regan” they were able to secure         contracts that were otherwise unavailable to someone named Zamboni. Facing                 discrimination and wanting more for their children, my parents sold the Vancouver, B.C., house they themselves built and with $1,500 in hand packed               my brother, sister, and all their belongings in the family car and immigrated to           South San Francisco where my father had secured a job at the Schlage Lock as      a supervisor on their electroplating line. The day they arrived, my parents applied        to begin the five-year process of becoming U.S. citizens.

            Soon I arrived, the first American in the family and born on the Fourth of July. My father left Schlage after nearly being killed in a boiler explosion and while         recovering in the hospital from third-degree burns, decided to start his own       business. His new company and I would grow up together.

            Silver spoon or mop handle? My father worked 10 hours a day, six days a week    and when I was old enough I would go with him to work on Saturdays. At 7, I got           my first paying job with a time card to punch. I was paid the princely sum of 50   cents per hour to mop floors. When I was off the clock he would teach me how to         use a lathe, mill, welder and other tools.

            My father insisted that no matter what I was doing I should strive to be the best.

            At 13, I started my first business, turning scrap lead into weights for the local         scuba diving shop. At 17, I built a road licensed electric car. At 18, I earned an       associate’s degree in electronics and decided to start another business setting        the goal of being a self-made millionaire by 36. I married at 27 and co-founded a       robotics business which quickly grew to over 70 employees and 90% of the world         market in subsea telemanipulators. At 33, I had a seven figure net worth, three         years ahead of my goal. At 35, we sold the robotics business and I started Regan           Designs, specializing in mechatronics. Since then we have helped several             successful startups, creating hundreds of jobs. For example, in 2008 we helped    start Liquid Robotics, which sold to Boeing in 2016 for $300 million.

            Trust funder or trustee? My mother is 96 and still gets a few dollars monthly           pension from the Canadian government for my father’s service in their army. My      older brother, who passed away in 1993, appointed me as trustee for his orphaned daughter’s trust. I managed that trust for 22 years, never taking a dime.    My niece is now happily married with two daughters living in a house her beloved        father, through me, was able to buy for her.

            Carpetbagger? I have lived in Kootenai County for over 25 years, twice as long     as anywhere else.

            There is no evidence that the ZIP code of your birthplace imparts any local             wisdom.

            I was born into great wealth, but not the monetary kind. I was born a citizen of the             greatest country on Earth to parents that loved me. My father was the         personification of the American Dream and he taught me perseverance, hard    work, and the value of being the best you can be. He taught me the true secret to       success.

            It’s just common sense.


            Brent Regan is chairman of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee.