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Jim Hollingsworth

O GOD, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is; (Psalm 63:1)

  1. Capitol riot defendant “viciously and savagely” beaten by guard in Washington, D.C. jail, lawyer says – CBS News
  1. Under Biden Even Peaceful Protests Have Consequences: Jan 6
  1. Dozens of Children Missing in Cleveland
  1. Aggressive Action by Chinese Ship in Taiwan Strait
  1. Vivek Ramaswamy shut out of social media
  1. Joe Biden and Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence can do a lot of things, but I doubt it will ever be smarter than the man who invented them.  Just remove their batteries, or take an ax to the item.  Man has always complained about any new machine, but in the end the new machine proved to be a real benefit.
  1. DOJ Attempts to Steal Jan 6 Defendants Court Funds
  1. End Deep State Surveillance
  1. The Kootenai Journal • High-Schooler Booted from Ceremony for Affirming Traditional Genders
  2. No Freedom of Speech in Kellogg, Idaho
  1. Song Writer Supports Children, Trump  
  1. Democrats With Common Sense: For many years I worked with Democrats with a lot of common sense. Today that is gone, as evidenced by Democrat State, California.  There criminals are free to act out their conduct with impunity.  It reminds me of the town that defunded the police and then when the council called for police complained because no one came.
  1. First Presidential Debate: Pledge to support winner draws ire
  1. Republicans schedule 1st presidential debate for Aug. 23, but there’s no guarantee Trump will attend – ABC News ( party is requiring that anyone in the debate must support the winner.  I don’t think Trump will agree, nor will some others who don’t like Trump.  The Republican Party has been the party of freedom, but this policy is totally contrary to freedom.  Will it stand?  It seems kind of early to start having debates.
  1. DC Gayest City in the World: When Evil is Good, then good becomes evil Although God loves everyone and Jesus died for all sinners, no right person, who has ever read the Bible at least once would ever declare the gay lifestyle as “right”.  We send missionaries to foreign fields, and we should.  But one of the greatest mission fields has to be Washington D.C.  Unfortunately few Democrats have any use for God or the Bible, and DC is 90% Democrat, so it is a great mission field.
  1. United Nations Supports Abortion: So what else is new?
  1. Charges Lowered For Criminals who Attack Churches and Clinics
  1. DeSantis: I will be a prolife president
  1. FBI Will Provide Document With Damning Evidence Against Biden
  1. He Fell: But People Fall All The Time
  1. Here is a press release concerning my most recent publication, A Commentary on the Book of Romans.


Author Jim Hollingsworth’s new book “Book of Romans: Commentary” is a profound discussion that reveals how Romans is the most foundational book of the New Testament. 

Summary of the release 

Recent release “Book of Romans: Commentary” from Covenant Books author Jim Hollingsworth is an enlightening look at the book of Romans and argues how it is the most important entry in the New Testament. Through his writings, Hollingsworth explores how Romans is the ultimate look at how salvation is the work of God alone and how one can have a saving faith in Christ. 

Full release text

Jim Hollingsworth, who holds a BA in social science with an emphasis on history as well as an MA in biblical studies from Pensacola Christian College, has completed his new book, “Book of Romans: Commentary”: a powerful examination of the book of Romans and why it is the most fundamental text from the New Testament in helping one truly understand the lasting impact that Christ’s sacrifice had for others. 

Author Jim Hollingsworth has worked for over ten years as a pastor, administrator, and Christian school teacher. He is married to Mary Ann Hollingsworth and has seven grown children, as well as fifteen grandchildren. He worked nine years at the Bunker Hill Mine as a planner, four years as a missionary in Mexico with New Tribes Mission, and over twenty years as a building contractor in Kootenai County, Idaho. 

“Without a doubt, the book of Romans is the most important New Testament book for those who seek to understand simple biblical principles as well as something to use in leading others to Christ,” writes Hollingsworth. “The book displays in dynamic relief the work of Christ who died on the cross of Calvary for sinners. 

“Not only is the salvation of the sinner clearly presented, but a limited history of Israel is also in view. There is also plenty of practical information on the Christian’s daily walk with Christ. 

“No Christian can say he is well taught unless he has made a careful study of the book of Romans. This book is written for those who want to know the truth about Christ as well as those Christians who want their faith increased. There is also plenty of original language material for the serious Bible scholar.” 

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Jim Hollingsworth’s new book explores how the book of Romans is a powerful tool for those both saved and unsaved alike who wish to know more about Christ’s teachings, increase their faith, and strengthen their relationship with the Lord. 

Readers can purchase “Book of Romans: Commentary” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble. 

Covenant Books is an international Christian owned and operated publishing house based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Covenant Books specializes in all genres of work which appeal to the Christian market. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Covenant Books at 843-507-8373.

  1. Here is a post with a lot of good links.      

Daily Surge 

Steve Pauwels/Managing Editor


— Anti-Parent! Family Planning Providers Equip Children to Go Behind Mom’s, Dad’s Back

“Families need to know that this is what the Sexual Revolution, aided and abetted by the Biden administration, is doing to their children: turning them into cogs in a well-oiled machine that includes indoctrinating them at an early age, getting them on contraceptives, and, when that fails, providing them with abortions – all without your knowledge or consent.”

            — Heroes Training to Save Our Children, Respond Effectively to Mass-Shooting Threats

— Enemies of Decency Prove: Changing Hearts, Minds Still Most Effective Means of Changing Society

            — More Parents Are Saying ‘Enough!’ to Creepy ‘Trans’ Tyranny in Schools

— Nope! Turns Out You Can’t Separate the T (or Q) from the LGB …

— Left’s M.O.? Too Much of a Good Thing…

— False ‘Rainbow’ Religion Must Be Opposed by Real Thing

— Memorial Day Reflections: When Nation and Military Go ‘Woke’, Security Is Imperiled

— One Man’s Strategy to Counteract Poisonous Alinsky Agenda of Fear, Division

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  1. Say No to Smart Cities.
Say NO to Smart Cities!
“URBAN OFFICIALS DREAM OF A FUTURE OF SMART CITIES THAT USE TECHNOLOGY TO GATHER COMPREHENSIVE DATA AND ALGORITHMS TO ACHIEVE INCREASED EFFICIENCY, SUSTAINABILITY, AND SAFETY.”Kootenai’s “Metropolitan Planning Organization”KMPO is a Federally funded and controlled Planning agency that oversees all federal money sent to Kootenai County for highway construction. MPOs impose Federal priorities on regional transportation agencies as a condition of receiving funds. Federal mandates for ALL metropolitan areas in the United States include densification and “Smart Growth”, prioritizing “non-motorized transportation” and public transit over private vehicle usage, universal surveillance and data collection, and laying the groundwork for a fully automated ITS (Intelligent Transport System).KMPO Votes on a TMC This SummerKMPO is now planning to develop a Federally Funded Traffic Management Center (TMC) that would process data from hundreds of traffic cameras installed all over North Idaho. KMPO claims that a TMC would “help traffic flow”, but traffic analysis, driver notification, and suggestions of alternative routes is already provided by Google Maps. A TMC and more traffic cameras would provide no meaningful benefits to North Idaho residents.The real purpose of KMPO’s TMC is to facilitate the future implementation of fully automated 24/7 surveillance, facial recognition, self-driving cars, enforcement of traffic violations, and ultimately, the imposition of “15 minute cities” and restricted travel.There many things that can be done to help stop the implementation of 24/7 surveillance, and intrusive, controlling “Intelligent Transportation Systems” in Kootenai County.The bad news is, much of the technology is already in place, and every single federally funded road that is built in Kootenai county will be built with embedded “Smart” surveillance technology. The good news is, that community leaders who are committed to protecting Kootenai citizens can stand up to Globalists and refuse further encroachments. But STOPPING SMART CITIES means REFUSING FEDERAL MONEY. That can be difficult, especially without active public support. Here is what you can do to oppose intrusive Surveillance Technology and Smart Cities:The KMPO VOTE on TMC is expected to be in Late Summer or Early Fall. The KMPO Policy Board meets the second Thursday of each month at the Post Falls City Council Chambers, 408 N. Spokane Street, at 1:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the public.Kootenai MPO Board of Directors—2023CONTACT YOUR KMPO REPRESENTATIVESTELL THEM TO VOTE NO ON A TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT CENTERDan Gookin, City of Coeur d’Alene 
(208) 769-2300 –

Sandra White, City of Hayden
(208) 772-4411 –

Lynn Borders, City of Post Falls
(208) 773-3511-

Vic Holmes, City of Rathdrum
 (208) 687-0261 –

Graham Christensen, East Side HW District
(208)-765-4714 –

Rod Twete, Lakes Highway District
(208)-772-7527 –

Jeff Tyler, Post Falls Highway District
(208) 765-3717 –

Corinne Johnson, Worley Highway District
(208) 664-0483 –

Jim Kackman, Coeur d’Alene Tribe
 (208) 686-2066 –

Damon Allen, ITD – District One
 (208) 772-1200 –
Bruce Mattare, KC Commissioner
(208) 446-1600 –
 LEARN ABOUT SMART CITIES AND INFORM OTHERSKMPO and the Federal Government can only impose their GLOBALIST agenda on North Idaho if people remain unaware. These resources can help educate people about “Smart Cities”.The Stop Smart Cities Website ( was created by local residents. Other social media outlets, including Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook are being established.Aman Jabbi is an electrical engineer (now living in Montana) who is an expert on surveillance cameras and A.I. technology. His videos can be found on both YouTube and Rumble. N.I. Slow Growth Research blog covers topics related to Smart Cities and Agenda 21. NISGR’s most recent post on KMPO & TMCS is at: and-smart-cities-coming-to-kootenai