Saturday December 16, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth

December 16, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are a few articles for your consideration.


Jim Hollingsworth

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:10)

U.S. Constitution Amendment XII Part One

The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves; they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the person voted for as Vice-President, and of the number of votes for each, which list they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United  States, directed to the President of the Senate:

  1. Florida Backs the Blue: Many Officers Move from Liberal, defund Police, states
  1. Some believe that Speaker Johnson wants a Theocracy: They miss the fact that America was founded by men who believed in God The proof is in the Declaration of Independence, and other documents of our founding.  Even the Supreme Court once said that this is a Christian nation.

            Supreme Court Declares America a Christian Nation    ( Holy Trinity v. United States 1892

  1. Trump Wins Debate Even Though Not On Stage
  1. Hunter Biden did not testify as ordered by Congress: Now thinks if Trump elected he might have to flee the country
  1. Trump Appeal could neutralize Jack Smith
  1. Megyn Kelly: If Trump Jailed before election, all hell will break lose
  1. Chris Christie Takes a Hit from Megyn Kelly
  1. Israel Offers one Million Bounty for identification and arrest of Oct 7 Terrorists Probably will get no takers, as anyone who does so would not live long enough to collect it.
  1. Ramaswamy would arm citizens of Formosa as defense against China
  1. AOC Nuts About Women’s Sports
  1. Kevin McCarthy Endorses Trump: Open to Cabinet if asked
  1. CNN Analyst: Trump Could Win
  1. Gaza: Bodies of two hostages recovered
  1. 23 Police dead in Pakistan Suicide bombing
  1. Tucker Carlson for VP: No, not for any office

            Megyn Kelly Interviews Trucker Carlson: VP?  Carlson has said “no”.

  1. Michigan Court: Trump to Remain on Ballot
  1. Journalist to be arrested over Jan 6 Covereage
  1. Ship in Red Sea Attacked: No damage or injuries
  1. judge orders pause in Trump Trial
  1. COP28 Totally Divorced from Reality: How long will it last?
  1. 9-year-old Girl Tells School Board how it is
  1. New Hampshire Man Threatens to Murder Vivek Ramaswamy: Now in Jail
  1. Moscow Idaho: House where murders took place will be demolished
  1. Mass Arrests in Gaza Causing Fear
  1. Hunter Biden Wants Charges Dismissed
  1. Professor Alan Dershowitz: Harvard President Gay should resign
  1. Oil Refinery in Iran Goes up in Flames

Stephanik Files Ethics Complaint Against DC Judge