Sunday January 21, 2024 None Missing

Jim Hollingsworth

January 21, 2024

Dear Friends,

A number of you have written to ask what happened to me, so I will try to give an answer.

During the night on January 9, I felt water on my right foot.  Further investigation revealed about a cup of water on the mattress.

Later in the day I went to the doctor.  I have two minor skin injuries, and they were not healing.  My legs have been very swollen, and that is making it hard to heal.  Also, a blister had formed and that was leaking the water I saw.

So the doctor raised my furosemide, which is a diuretic, to control the swelling.  This caused my blood pressure to go way down, so he took me off one blood pressure medicine.

During all this I have gained weight (water?) and partly because of no exercise.  I am now 15 lbs over weight.

The wounds are healing, but very slowly.  The blister has gone down, but is still there.  It is some painful to walk, and I have been doing a lot of resting, with feet elevated.

I probably will not do a regular mailing for some time.  I am getting up an hour later; even the bed becomes painful after a time.

I hope to get back at it soon, but would appreciate your prayers for healing.

Thanks so much. Jim Hollingsworth