Thursday September 14, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth

September 14, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are a few articles for your consideration.


Jim Hollingsworth

Books Available: I would just like to remind everyone of the books that have been published.

  1. Climate Change: A Convenient Truth This book tells you all you need to know about climate change.  Updated and revised.  Good to give to anyone who has a question on the subject.
  2. Cortez: A Biography The story of the conquest of Mexico
  3. The Ancient Culture of the Aztec Empire The Conquest of Mexico from the natives viewpoint.
  4. Abortion Compassion A pro-life work to give to any woman who may be thinking of an abortion. Includes lots of testimonies and pictures of developing babies in the womb.
  5. Romans, A commentary This is a great guide for anyone who is serious about Bible study.

All are available from Amazon. : Jim Hollingsworth books

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: (John 1:12)

Please see attached Brent Regan’s Friday column on the results of fear. (Brent Regan is chairman of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee.  The members of the committee are elected by the voters and are the local officials of the Republican Party.)

  1. New Mexico Gun Rule by Governor: Unconstitutional
  1. Will impeachment inquiry really go forward?  McCarthy will be in deep trouble if it doesn’t
  1. Gaetz to McCarthy: Impeach, or vacate the chair  
  1. Present Polls Continue to Favor Trump: There has to be a reason
  1. DeSantis: Open Border policy can lead to another 911 Event
  1. Dr. Robert Malone: Booster Shots make you more likely to get sick than no vaccine: Negative Results
  1. So-called Climate Emergency is a serious hoax wasting billions of dollars on false projects
  1. All Pro-life laws protect women with medical emergencies
  1. New Mexico Gun Ban: We will not comply
  1. California GOP October 1 Showdown: DeSantis and Trump
  1. Youngkin Pardons Dad falsely arrested over his charge of rape of his daughter in school bathroom (His daughter was raped in the bathroom by a transgender boy.  He complained, and was arrested; now pardoned by Governor.
  1. Attached is the flyer about our JBS Speakers Bureau event on Tuesday, October 3rd featuring Alex Newman speaking on the WEAPONIZATION OF RELIGION.  Please invite all clergymen and ask them to pass on this information to their followers.

            Thank you.

            Rich Loudenback

            Speakers Bureau Chair

            208 755-7717

  1. Texas holds summit to oppose Biden 30 X 30 Climate Plan
  1. DeSantis  Superpac switches to support Trump This is so sad.  Trump needed DeSantis to remain honest.  I think DeSantis could have a great future.  There is just no way he will ever beat Trump.  At this point he should withdraw and throw his support to Trump.  His pride will not let him do that.  But I still think he would make a great vice president.
  1. Jordan Peterson on Justin Trudeau: Canada’s woke nightmare is a vision of Britain’s future (
  1. Jordan Peterson on Justin Trudeau: Canada’s woke nightmare is a vision of Britain’s future (
  1. Canada Documentary: Peterson: 38 Min
  1. Jordan Peterson Attacked Professionally 6 minutes
  1. (452) Jordan Peterson: Narcissist Justin Trudeau has never said a true word – YouTube
  1. (452) Canada’s woke nightmare: A warning to the West | Documentary – YouTube
  1. One Maui Resident Comments on Fire and Aftermath 4 Minutes
  1. Trump: Impeach the Bum, or let GOP fade in Oblivion
  1. Trump: We Will Not Comply: No Mask Mandates, No Lockdowns, No Vaccine Mandates: Period.
  1. Listing Lizard in Texas could cripple oil and gas Having lived among lizards for many years I know from experience that they are pretty adaptable.  Not only that this is a vast area under consideration, and oil drilling only takes up a couple of acres.  The lizards are not really affected by any of this effort, and some studies show the lizard numbers are increasing.  This is just another federal government land grab and produces nothing worthy of American freedom.

“The Biden Administration is proposing the destruction of our domestic energy engine based on a mishmash of inconsistent statements, disregarded facts, and    admitted unknowns,” said Buckingham. “As the steward of over 13 million acres     of energy-rich state land, I won’t allow this administration to use so-called ‘conservation’ as a political token aimed at crippling Texas’ economy and stealing        from school children.”

  1. For years I have followed the writings of others, and especially articles about the attacks on our children.  I have seen very little about how children are groomed, and then molested.  This can cause harm that will affect them for a life time.

            When I was about 19 I dated a girl who was a very wonderful girl.  We went to a   movie, and in the process of time I learned that she was only 15.  I was   terrified.  I said something to her father about it.  I am sure they had confidence in          me, but I felt that confidence was misplaced, as anyone can be tempted.

            The data indicates that children are rarely molested by strangers.  Often it is a       parent, a brother or sister, aunt or uncle, or someone close to the family.  I have        seen men in the church groom children; the parents had confidence in the man           and let their children spend time with him.

            The only way to really protect your children is to insure they are never alone with another person.  No one is beyond the possibility of being tempted to molest a         child.  Children who are a little rebellious are the most likely to fall and sometimes       parents will let their kids spend time with an older person who they think can become a friend of the child and help him.  That can happen, but it is not always            the case.  It is impossible to know what will happen as child molesters come in all          kinds of packages.

            This is why the Boy Scouts has gotten into so much trouble.  Boys are paired        with other boys in the buddy system and they sleep together in a tent.  If one of           them happens to be a predator you can easily see what can happen.

            Frankly there is no way to know what could happen.  Having your children involved with others can pay real benefits.  However, activities must be chosen     carefully.  Church groups with a trustworthy adult and the children sleeping in     larger groups helps preserve the integrity.

            Ultimately parents must pay careful attention to what is happening with their          children to protect them from evil.  Thus, it is important to keep the channels of             communication open with your children so they can always feel free to express       their hopes and even their problems.  Children with problems are easily groomed             for trouble.

            Be watchful, teach your children the Bible, as well as how predators             work.  Young girls, especially, need to know how easily a man is stirred up.  Boys           also.


            Jim Hollingsworth