Tuesday August 8, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth


August 4, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are a few articles for your consideration.


Jim Hollingsworth

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. (1 John 1:8)

  1. RF Kennedy, Jr. Calls for Investigation into Biden Bribes  If NY County DA Alvin Bragg can charge Trump, why can’t another DA charge Biden?  People are really frustrated with a lot of investigation but no action.
  1. Mike Pence Makes Tragic Statement about Trump Indictment Remember that Mike Pence, a Christian Governor, was a very successful Vice President with a great relationship with the President.  It is sad he has been distracted by the Narrative of the Left.
  1. Harvard Law Professor, Dershowitz, Trump Jan 6 Indictment probably will not survive Dershowitz says 90% of DC is Democrat, so for Trump: Democrat Prosecutor, Democrat Judge, Democrat Jury: No fair trial in DC for a Republican.  Not that it matters, but Dershowitz is a Democrat.
  1. If Trump Goes to Jail? Can any Republican get a fair trial in DC?  Democrat prosecutor, Democrat Judge, 70 % Democrat Jury.  Not likely.
  1. Tucker Carlson Interviews Devon Archer: 11:43 Minutes
  1. Mike Huckabee Pushing Constitutional Term Limits Huckabee says he wants this even for the Supreme Court.  However, the most constitutional justice has been on the court the longest, and some new members are far left.  Term limits is no guarantee. And a convention of the states could open a Pandora’s Box of problems for the Republic.
  1. Fed Sues Texas Over Border Security
  1. Mexico Complains about River Barriers in Texas If Mexico is really concerned about the river crossing, they could stop them all on their side of the border, or prevent them from entering Mexico at the Southern border.
  1. Biden Corruption Confirmed by a Democrat?
  1. Joe Biden: 1) Not Aware of My Son’s Business: 2) Not in Business With My Son: 3) Now on 20 Calls with Son about    business
  1. Hunter Biden, Very Successful Artist Most beginning artists go hungry.  Hunter is successful.  His paintings do not appear to be much, so why the success?
  1. Jack Smith Cannot Prove Trump Claims in Indictment The Trump team was investigating voter fraud before January 6, taking sworn statements of voting irregularities etc, and had not completed this before January 6.  Thus, Both Trump and his team believed there was voter fraud (they believed it, true or not, that was the point) so they presented this information to Jack Smith, and he has no case, maybe.
  1. Ashley Biden, Daughter of Joe Biden, Confirms diary was hers: Showered with Her Father?
  1. Mark Houck Running for Congress Remember Mark Houck?  Last year an army of FBI raided his home and took him away in front of his screaming family.  Pennsylvania

Anti-Abortionist Mark Houck Not Guilty of Pushing 72-Yr-Old Volunteer – Rolling Stone

Pro-Life Father Targeted by Biden DOJ Runs for Congress (dailysignal.com) Mark’s Story: 11 Minutes: You must hear this.

  1. New Water Heater Regulations  Coming I wonder if this is something for Congress alone.  It looks like a company that builds these very expensive water heaters has gained a tit at the Federal pig.  It is like the more efficient wood stoves.  They conserve so much heat that the gas condenses in the flu and has to be cleaned regularly because the gas is too cold.  In a regular situation with a water heater about half the year most of the heat loss heats the house and saves some of the furnace.  We need to find a way to keep the government out of energy use from light bulbs, refrigerators, and gas appliances.