Tuesday October 10, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth


October 10, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are a few articles for your consideration.


Jim Hollingsworth

Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me. (John 12:44)

U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 5, Paragraph 1 Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members, and a Majority of each shall constitute a Quorum to do Business, but a smaller Number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the Attendance of absent Members, in such Manner, and under such Penalties as each House may provide.

1. What is Mar-A-Lago Really Worth?  Since it is not for sale it is obviously worth what the owner and the bank say it is worth.  This does not depend on a tax assessment.

2. Israel Seals Off Border With Gaza

3. Rep. Jim Jordan Says Support for Israel Would Be First Priority If Selected as Next House Speaker | NTD

4. Israel Crisis Underscores Challenge Posed by Speaker Vacancy | NTD

5. Brutalities Against Israeli Hostages | NTD

6. Gaza Terrorists Say 130 Israelis Being Held Hostage, Seek Exchange for Israeli Prisoners | NTD

7. Israel–Hamas War Live Updates: European Union Suspends Payments to Palestinians | NTD

8. Hamas Attack Leaves Hundreds Dead

9. In Israel-Gaza War: Accept nothing less than unconditional surrender of Hamas

10. Gaza War Requires fully functioning U.S. House

11. Americans killed in Gaza War

12. Gaza War: Progress

13. Gaza electricity crisis – Wikipedia

14. AP The War in Gaza

15. Judge Hands Trump a Win in DC Election Case | NTD Trump given more time to prepare for trial.

16. Germany to Bring Back Coal-Fired Power Plants | NTD

17. Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Makes Important Announcement in Philadelphia | NTD Return politics to the people

18. Kevin McCarthy made one phone call that lost him the support of one Representative

19. President Biden says he plans to build 20 Miles of Border Wall Twenty miles of wall is just a drop in the bucket, and the President of Mexico says the whole thing is just press.  I am inclined to agree with him.

20. Rand Paul’s New Book Documents fraud of Dr. Anthony Fauci There is no secret there, but will Dr. Fauci ever be held to account?  Will he go to jail?  Not very likely.

21. Plan to Limit Air Travel to fight Climate Change The left does not want you to think about the fact that all their great plans to fight climate change are founded on a simple fallacy: Carbon dioxide causes warming which will destroy the Earth.  That simply cannot happen.  First, carbon dioxide is needed by all plants for growth.  No carbon dioxide, no plants.  Second, all these programs to “save the earth” have very little to do with the environment, but a lot to do with control.  Unless we wake up to that fact there will be no more modern civilization.  America became the greatest nation on Earth due to our great Constitution, and the use of fossil fuels.  This fact must be preached constantly.

22. Presidential Immunity should protect Trump from Political Trials

23. Accountant Talks about Trump Trial 33 minutes

24. Tucker Carlson on Trump Trial

25. Sean Hannity: Jim Jordan best for Speaker No matter who is elected Speaker we need to hold their feet to the fire if we ever expect a reduction in the national debt, or a reduction in the size of government.

26. Safe Haven Boxes are saving babies one baby at a time

27. Switzerland Would Ban Electric Vehicles During Times of Tight  Energy

28. FEE The Never Ending Story