Electric Vehicles: Bad News

Jim Hollingsworth October 8, 2023

The plan to increase mileage requirements so folks will have to buy electric vehicles is poorly thought out.  Electric vehicles will never be the solution to transportation.  Here are some of the reasons.

  1. Electric vehicles are very expensive.  Note in the links below the hundreds of new cars that are not being sold.  The longer they sit there the less they will be worth as batteries deteriorate over time.
  2. Dealers area also not selling vehicles, and they are stacking up on their lots.
  3. Used electric vehicles are not sellable, as it costs more to replace the battery than the vehicle is worth.
  4. There is not enough electricity generated to provide for all electric vehicles.
  5. As we are closing coal fired, gas and nuclear power plants in favor of wind and solar, the end result is going to be many days with no electricity.
  6. Electric vehicles are heavier than other vehicles and have serious consequences in an accident.
  7. Recharging takes much valuable time, such that it takes a long time to get anywhere.
  8. There are simply not enough charging stations in the country.
  9. Electric vehicles sometimes catch fire if covered with sea water.
  10. Range for electric vehicles is radically reduced in hot weather (air conditioning) and in cold weather (heater).
  11. A large percentage of the materials used to make electric vehicles come from China; not a good arrangement.
  12. Electric vehicles are only practical from home to office (plug it in) and back home again.

Picture of lot with unsold electric vehicles – Bing images People are not buying them.  I cannot imagine so many vehicles.

Picture of lot with unsold electric vehicles – Bing images

Plan to go all electric vehicles poorly thought out: Not enough electricity available

Beyond electric vehicles the move by the Biden Administration to eliminate fossil fuels will be the end of civilization as we know it, if they ever succeed.  Fossil fuels have made America the greatest nation on the Earth.  Eliminating their use will take us back to the stone age.

Little has been said about carbon dioxide.  All this effort is being taken because it is believed that carbon dioxide is causing the Earth to warm, and it will burn up if action is not taken.  In actual fact the Earth is carbon dioxide starved.  We need more carbon dioxide.  All plants need carbon dioxide, and with more carbon dioxide they grow faster, and use less water.  The myth of carbon dioxide will destroy us.  We need to be told the truth.