Local Politics

Jim Hollingsworth


October 9, 2023

Someone has said that all politics are local.  I am sure that is true, because if we accomplish great things on a national level and our local level goes to the dogs, we have not really accomplished anything.

 True, America was better under the former administration, and we hope that it will be great again.  But, even then, we have to keep the president accountable so he works to reduce the size of government.

We believe we are going to have a new speaker of the House, and we hope he will be more conservative, and keep his promises.  Personally, I do not believe the House is in disarray, but only in need of some adjustments.  Hopefully those adjustments will take place under new leadership.

But local elections are important as well.  As we look at the Coeur d’Alene City Council it appears that all of the present council are socialists.  We need to vote for conservatives to take their place.

So how will you know a conservative when you see one? One place to start is to see if they agree with the platform of the Idaho Republican Party.   2022-24 Idaho Republican Party Platform (idgop.org)   It is an excellent platform and for the most part conforms to conservative principles.

But we need God fearing conservative leaders as our county commissioners, on our city councils, on our school boards, on our library boards, and as state senators and representatives.  Most of the issues we face today can be overcome with just good common sense, which is one thing lacking to most of the present leadership.

Determine that you are not going to follow illogical decrees of unelected officials and know that you are on the right path.