Saturday June 17, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth

June 17, 2023

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Jim Hollingsworth

A SOFT answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. (Proverbs 15:1)

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  1. Here are some of my articles that have been posted.

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  1. Here are my latest comments on the Biden Administration.

There has been a lot of talk in the past few months about holding the Biden Administration accountable.  The withdrawal from Afghanistan, the crisis at the border, the inflation with printing of trillions of dollars from thin air, the war on energy, with no more pipelines, no drilling on public lands, and the ending of fossil fuels.  These are crimes against America. 

Just ending the use of fossil fuels would be a terrible tragedy.  First off, natural gas (methane) is used in making fertilizer.  Without this fertilizer millions of people will starve to death.  Then there is the fact that over 6,000 items are made from petroleum. Just the talk of eliminating fossil fuels indicates that there is not a true scientist in the present administration.  Most of the things that we use every day come from fossil fuels. 

The stand taken on transgender issues has come home to roost.  The White House held a pride celebration and some of the folks appeared topless.  The administration was embarrassed; they should not have been, as it is the logical conclusion of what they believe.  Every sane person, especially every sane parent knows that actions to change a person’s sex are simply destructive to quality child care.  One young lady said that she transitioned starting at age 11 or 12.  At 15 she had her breasts removed.  About the time she reached 18 and thought about marriage she realized she would never be able to nurse a child, and probably could not even be able to get pregnant.  Plus, the medicines she took permanently lowered her voice.  Now she is suing the doctor who did this radical surgery.  How can they support the Hippocratic Oath and still do radical surgery on children?

The Biden Administration is determined to destroy America.  There is considerable evidence that they took bribes from foreigners.  There is much evident corruption in the White House.  Most of what they seem to support or are letting happen is simply un-American, or illogical.

So, hearings are being held in Congress and there is a move to hold certain persons accountable.  There is even talk of a Contempt of Congress charge if certain information is not released.

All this is true, but it has to be evident that as long as the Democrats control the Senate, nothing will happen.  The best we can hope for is that the coming election will be strongly controlled by the election integrity folk and we will see a number of patriotic Americans elected in 2024.  As much as we would like to see action now it is probable that nothing will happen until the next election.  We are six months into this Congress without any concrete results, and it appears likely that none will be forthcoming.

The attacks on President Trump will continue; if not one thing, then another.  Ultimately the courts will have to decide that he is innocent, but much time and effort will be lost in the interim.

The best we can hope for right now is that every patriotic American becomes informed and be prepared to insure a secure election in 2024.  We have stood back and watched this great country go down the drain.  Now it is time to take a stand and not budge.

Jim Hollingsworth has written several articles published by American Thinker, and several books available at  His latest is a Commentary on the Book of Romans.  A Commentary on Galatians is with the publisher.