Saturday September 2, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth

September 2, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are a few articles for your consideration.


Jim Hollingsworth

For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto , but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. (Mark 10:45)

“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mis mischief by the chains of the Constitution. “ (Thomas Jefferson National Center For Constitutional Studies.)

Pedophile Drag Queen Hired as Principal in Oklahoma

Trump plans to appeal March trial Date: Day before Super Tuesday

No Gender Affirming Care in Most Southern States

Indictment of Trump Only Increases His Popularity

Ramaswamy for VP?  He said “NO”, but maybe he might change his mind

Florida Hurricane: You Loot, we Shoot

112 Former Law Clerks support Justice Thomas

Democrats: Abortions up until birth

Pro-life advocates headed to prison

Hurricanes: EV Catch Fire from Sea Water

Biden Impeachment Soon

Comments on Trump Georgia Indictments’

Biden Administration Backs Down on Climate Change After Court ruling

Supreme Court delivers blow to wetlands protections in win for Idaho landowners ( It has been a long battle for the Sacketts who want to build on their land, but the EPA said no, a “puddle” was considered a wetland and they could not build.

After Biden Administration Blocked Drilling on Navajo Land, they say “go home” to secretary

Several attempts have been made over the years to make Indians full American citizens.  They will never be truly American until the reservations are ended and the land divided up among the members of the tribe.  As it is now, they are just wards of the federal government, which is an all-time loser.  Give them their land and treat them the same as any other American.   

NY Gov Begs Biden for Work Permits for Illegals

Trump Poll: Not Favorable

Information sought on Biden pseudonyms and Boston Connection

Yesterday, top leaders of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and Society of Family Planning penned an op-ed in The Washington Post and called for honesty in the abortion debate. They called for abortion on demand, any time for any reason. They state that abortions “must be available without restrictions, without limitations and without barriers.”

Abortion any time for any reason, doctors say

The study below which tries to tie polar bear numbers to climate change is just another political effort to take away energy use.

Susan Crockford is the authority on polar bears.   Anyone who wants to be truly informed needs to read her most recent paper on the subject.  Also, read her novel “Eaten”.

The State of the Polar Bear Report 2021 (

Susan Crockford fired after finding polar bears thriving despite climate change – Washington Times

There is no such thing as academic freedom anywhere in the world.


Jim Hollingsworth

Study connects greenhouse gas emissions to polar bear population declines

Tracking Polar Bears using DNA of Paw Prints