Tuesday November 21, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth


November 21, 2023

Dear Friends,

Here are a few articles for your consideration.


Jim Hollingsworth

Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law. (Romans 3:28)

U.S. Constitution Article III, Section 3, Paragraph 2

The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Bood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

Please see the attached, a Thanksgiving message from a friend.  One of the  problems with the current age is that generally people are not thankful.  Especially Americans who have more than any other people in the world.  What the rest of the world just dreams about having some day, our poor have all those things.  But, still we are not thankful.

  1. Newsom dumps homeless to favor Chinese Communists
  1. Jan 6 Protestor, Matthew Perna, hung himself: DOJ Enhancement Sentence Promised
  1. Forced to make Retraction concerning Mike Johnson and Son over Pornography
  1. Rashida Tlaib Event Cancelled After She Called for Genocide of Israel, Report says.
  1. Ethics Complaint Against Trump Judge Engoron
  1. Hezbollah Withdraws Support for Hamas  
  1. Maybe Argentina has had enough of socialism and hyperinflation Tucker Carlson 32 Minutes in Spanish (With Subtitles)
  1. Israel-Gaza live updates: IDF says it exposed Hamas tunnel under Shifa Hospital (msn.com)

            Israel says new images prove Gaza hospital used as Hamas command center             (yahoo.com)

            CNN’s Oren Liebermann Explores Gaza Hospital Tunnel Claims by IDF: ‘The        Credibility of Israel Is at Stake Here’ (msn.com) Is it, or isn’t it?

            Premature babies evacuated from Gaza’s main hospital and taken to Egypt           (msn.com) There were 39, some of them died.  28 taken to Egypt.  That seems l           ike a lot of premature babies for one hospital.  What would a doctor say?

            Was Hamas Command Center Found Under Gaza Hospital? What New Video      Shows (msn.com)

            Over 20 years ago I noted that Hamas was shooting off rockets from residential areas, so this is very believable.  However, there is just no way to prove that the above pictures are actually from a hospital.  We have known about tunnels for years, but I did not realize the purpose or the extent.  I have not seen a report from Newsmax John Huddy for over a week, who was embedded with the IDF, so that is suspicious, like they may not have liked what he was reporting.  So, we will have to keep an open mind about all this.  As noted, even for a large hospital           that seems like a lot of premature babies.

  1. Georgia DA wants to keep Trump from being able to campaign
  1. New Library Policy Needs More Work: Moms Speak out The issue seems to be keeping X-Rated material out of the hands of children.  Now, the library budget is limited and there are literally millions of excellent books on the market.  A choice has to be made as to which books to buy.  I would classify many of the books in question as just plain trash.  They should not be in the library at all, especially when we are paying for them.  Best to make good choices for the books carried and leave the trash out.  That is my opinion.  I wonder if anyone agrees with me.
  1. Talks Continue on Hostage Release They say they are getting close.  They would release in two stages, but Hamas does not want surveillance while they find all the hostages.  Could that allow them to move rockets etc?
  1. Drought and Wildfires; climate change: have reduced the value of west coast timber by 11 million Of course there is climate change, something that nature does and has done for thousands of years.  Then there is man-caused climate change, and that has never been proven.  It is usually just a way to increase the size of government, exercise more control of the citizens, and spend more money.

            Comments by Dr.  Bob Zybach, Oregon Forester

  1. Joe Rogan Advises DeSantis to Withdraw I like Ron DeSantis.  I think he is doing a great job in Florida.  I do not like the comments Trump continues to make about him.  I do believe, however, that he has no chance of winning.  He is going to put forth a lot of effort and still lose.  Ultimately he will offend a lot of Trump supporters, and he may need their support later on.  The best DeSantis can do is to withdraw, support Trump, work hard in Florida, and look to the future.  Otherwise, he is going to be very frustrated and even bitter in the end.
  1. States ask Congress for permission to enforce Immigration laws I am not quite sure what this means.  Surely each state has the power to stop an imminent invasion.  And, what about the 7,000 in a group headed to the border?
  1. Migrant Caravan Swells to ‘Over 7,000 People’ En Route to US Border (msn.com)

            Thousands march in migrant caravan toward US southern border November 2

            Caravan 32 left S. Mexico Oct 30, walking, 15-20 Kilometers a day, may reach      the U.S. by end of year. The administration does not seem concerned about this            group.  They are moving slowly on foot, and even in wheelchairs.

  1. Governor Ron DeSantis Critical of Nikki Haley over Policies as Governor
  1. WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump to deliver speech near Texas border | Washington Examiner Border meeting with Trump and Abott and others 2:33:06 Hours.

            Trump at the Border Sunday Nov 19

  1. FBI Whistleblower Goes Public; Nord Stream Pipeline Explosions; ‘CHS Corruption Cover Up Network”|Kash’s Corner | EpochTV (theepochtimes.com)
  1. Victor Davis Hanson on Gaza
  1. Supreme Court to Consider Jan 6 Convictions
  1. We are going to have a major election in about a year.  This election could be the death of our Republic, or the beginning of cleaning out all the trash in government.  On that basis we need to be doubly sure that we are protecting our elections to insure there are no problems.  That begins with paper ballots, then counting ballots in each precinct, before they are counted by the machines.  Those counts need to agree, or know why not.  It is not too late to begin to take action to protect our republic.