Tuesday November 21, 2023

Jim Hollingsworth


November 22, 2023

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Jim Hollingsworth

For what saith the scripture?  Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. (Romans 4:3)

U.S. Constitution Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 1

Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State; And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

  1. Does Biden Need to Reconsider Gun Legislation
  1. Evangelist Shot in Head While Steet Preaching: In Critical Condition
  1. Alabama Tries new method of Execution: Nitrogen’
  1. Newsom in Trouble in California: The California of Ronald Reagan is now far left People are leaving the state in droves because of California policies.  It is time for the Republicans to regain California before it becomes a complete “hell Hole”.
  1. Megyn Kelly: After he is elected Trump may treat the Democrats like they have treated him.
  1. Ron DeSantis is a great governor: He will work hard to win, but will still lose.  He needs to drop out, endorse Trump and wait for his time.
  1. Alex Newman on Kennedy Assassination, other comments
  1. Former Whitehouse Doctor and Present Congressman Ronny Jackson: Biden Not Competent
  1. President Turned 81 Monday: Affecting Presidential Race
  1. George Floyd: New Documentary: We Were Not Told The Truth
  1. Kevin McCarthy Seeks to Expel Matt Gaetz
  1. Batteries Replace Natural Gas Power Plants What kind of battery can provide power for two or three weeks at a time, when it is cloudy, like Idaho?
  1. President Biden Strange Comments to a 6-year-Old Girl
  1. Can they keep Trump off the Ballot?
  1. Jan 6 Tape Release may lead to new investigation of Jan 6
  1. Maybe Argentina has had enough of socialism and hyperinflation Tucker Carlson 32 Minutes in Spanish
  1. Idaho Dispatch Interviews Dinesh Dsouza
  1. Israel-Hamas war live updates: Heavy fighting erupts around Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital (nbcnews.com)

            Live Updates | Shell Hits Gaza Hospital, Killing 12, as Heavy Fighting Breaks out | Newsmax.com

            November 20, 2023 Israel-Hamas war (cnn.com)

  1. Victor Davis Hanson: Gaza War and Woke Culture 1:21:58 Hours