Wednesday May 31, 2023

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Jim Hollingsworth

My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?  Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring? (Psalm 22:1)

  1. Please see the attached message by Bob Shillingstad on the condition of America.
  1. OPINION: Too clever by halfwit | Coeur d’Alene Press ( Brent Regan Column Friday, May 26, 2023.
  1. The Debt Limit Bill is a Very Bad Bill: Kicks the Can down the road past 2024 election, does not cut spending.  It is purely a gift for Democrats.
  1. Biden Happy With New Debt Limit Bill: Some Republicans, not so Happy Republicans have often been unhappy, but they voted anyway.  Time will tell.  Will they stand?
  1. Cruz: McCarthy’s Right; Not 1 Thing for Dems, but $4T Things |
  1. Democrats Complaining, but they got much in debt limit increase; Will Republicans vote this down?
  1. Debt Ceiling: McCarthy Gave away 4 trillion: What did he get in return?  Little.
  1. Rep. Good to Newsmax: Speaker, House GOP Must ‘Hold the Line’ on Debt |
  1. Chroming is a Deadly Pastime: Do You Know What It Is? Girl Dies in Australia
  1. America, Once Called a Christian Nation, now Only 4% have a Biblical World View
  1. DeSantis: Abortion a state, not a federal issue
  1. One Small Step For Freedom in Arizona
  1. More Vote Fraud in Arizona
  1. Franklin Graham: Christian Ministries Face Big Trouble in Future
  1. DeSantis Struggling Against Trump
  1. Feinstein Confused
  1. Some Hollywood Against Musk
  1. Russia Says: Nuclear if F-16 Sent to Ukraine 1.5 Hours
  1. While Seas Slowly Rise, NY is slowly sinking
  1. Texas House Impeaches AJ Paxton: Goes to Senate
  1. First Offshore Wind Project
  1. Russia Issues Warrant for Arrest of Lindsay Graham
  1. Epoch Times Documentary on Vaccines Over one hour: Video
  1. Medical Doctor: First Amendment Rights under Attack  
  1. Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers sentenced to 18 years by DC Liberal Jury Rhodes was sentenced based on some thoughts.  This has very heavy free speech ramifications.  They plan to appeal.
  1. Bob Shillingstad: Recap of Election: Wayne Hoffman of Idaho Freedom Foundation
  1. Supreme Court: The EPA cannot use the Clean Water Act to prevent Idaho Sacketts from  Building The message of the Court was clear: The Clean Water Act applies only to navigable waters and waters connected to them.
  1. Idaho Republican Party Chairman, Dorothy Moon, Comments on the Supreme Court Case.

Gem State Patriot: Dorothy Moon on EPA Ruling by Court

  1. DeSantis Makes His Case
  1. Fla. Lt. Gov. Núñez to Newsmax: DeSantis ‘Broke the Internet’ |
  1. J.D. Vance: Target Waging War on Customers |
  1. CPAC Accuses Target of Partnering With ‘Satanist’ |
  1. Nunes to Newsmax: Focus on What Wasn’t in Durham Report |
  1. Dick Morris to Newsmax: Trump Has ‘Gigantic’ Lead Post-DeSantis Announcement |
  1. Rep. Cline to Newsmax: Committee Will Hear From Durham on FBI |
  1. Rep. Cline to Newsmax: Committee Will Hear From Durham on FBI |
  1. Townhall : Conservative News, Cartoons, Top Stories & Commentary
  1. The Hill – covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill Lots of good information on the Hill, a DC News Source.
  1. The Inflation Reduction Act Will Prolong and Make Worse Biden’s Inflation Crisis (
  1. Climate protesters face federal charges for smearing paint on Degas sculpture case | The Hill
  1. Noem calls for South Dakota college board to ban drag shows, remove preferred pronouns | The Hill
  1. Congressional Black Caucus Launches ‘Summer of Action’ |